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Introducing WeCare - CLASS' latest addition

WeCare delivers a range of health and wellbeing services to all CLASS clients, their employees and family members

Unlimited access to these remote services available 24/7, at no additional cost

Services include online GP consultations, second medical opinions, fitness, diet and mental health services


We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new range of support services, ‘WeCare’. The services are available to all new and existing customers on CLASS. They can be used by both employees and their family members, whether they are insured under a policy or not.

The extensive range of virtual services offered cover health, mental health and wellbeing support, and include virtual GP consultations, second medical opinion services, smoking cessation support, mental health support, life event counselling, burnout prevention, diet support and get fit programmes.

Provided in partnership with virtual care provider Teladoc Health, we have developed WeCare to offer additional support to SMEs at no extra cost to either the employer or their employees. Available until the end of 2020, the services can be accessed remotely and have been developed to provide support and guidance through the Covid-19 crisis.

Tim Stoves, managing director, protection, commented: “We’re proud to offer our CLASS customers with immediate access to WeCare, provided by our long-term partner Teladoc Health. We want to help our customers. We don’t know how long people will be isolating in their homes or restricted in their movements and we think this service can really help people right now, especially during the current lockdown.

“We had to adapt and change our plans to make this service available to so many customers. We initially planned a phased rollout to a limited number of employers. After witnessing recent events, we felt it was only right to offer this service to all our CLASS customers, at a time when it can make a real difference.

“We don’t yet know how coronavirus will affect life in the future, but I know that WeCare can help people right now, not only during lockdown, but also in the longer-term as we adjust back to life after the pandemic.”

Carlos Nueno, President, International of Teladoc Health added: “Teladoc Health is successfully meeting the increased need for virtual medical services around the world. Our partnership with Canada Life has allowed us to create a unique programme for employers in the UK, which will provide employees easier access to innovative services supporting their physical and mental health. We are confident that the WeCare programme will be a key contributor to the wellbeing of Canada Life customers.”