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John’s story - How our Personal Nurse Service helped with his recovery


John’s story

  • John had emergency treatment in France when he suffered a heart attack on holiday
  • When he returned to the UK, our Personal Nurse Service in partnership with RedArc helped with his recovery

John was enjoying a family holiday in France when he began to suffer from a severe back pain between his shoulder blades. It was not something he immediately associated with his heart.  After four hours he phoned the emergency services and spoke to a doctor who fortunately had very good English.


Paramedics and doctors arrived and took him to hospital for a checkup. They diagnosed John with a heart attack and took him into the operating theatre where they inserted a coronary stent and balloon into his artery. He remained in intensive care for five days, with nurses checking his condition every two hours.


The doctors scanned his heart and advised John that his heart muscle had been weakened and would not recover. He was advised to avoid flying and he made alternative arrangements to return home by train.


Back in the UK, John was referred to a specialist clinic including a cardiac sufferer’s rehabilitation class. There were 12 other people in the class with differing levels of cardiac problems and he found the camaraderie of the others very reassuring:


“When you have an event like this, it knocks your confidence,” John said. “Meeting other people who are going through the same recovery process is reassuring; it shows you are not alone.”


When his IFA told him his heart attack was covered under his businesses’ Canada Life Critical Illness policy, which includes a Personal Nurse Service in partnership with RedArc, John was relieved. He was very pleasantly surprised to be called by a Personal Nurse Adviser within two days of his claim being submitted to Canada Life. John found the whole claim and payment process straight forward and prompt.


Following his operation, John suffered from cold hands and tingling feet caused by circulation problems. His Personal Nurse Adviser suggested he attend reflexology classes and booked him into a series of eight. These removed the discomfort he had been suffering.


John was delighted with the service provided by his Personal Nurse Adviser. It was an added benefit he had not expected to receive. He valued the opportunity to phone her at any time very highly.


“I was treated with respect, decency and humanity. I can’t thank Canada Life and their Personal Nurse Adviser enough. They’ve done a great job and made an old man happy!”



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