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UK Property Rich Collective Investment Funds held through Canada Life International bonds

The UK Government introduced changes to the taxation of investments in certain UK property funds. Having considered the implications of these changes we have taken the decision to no longer accept new investments into UK property rich collective investment funds and collective investment funds that have the potential to be UK property rich collective funds, from 11 February 2020. 

Rules regarding funds investing in UK property

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) introduced anti-avoidance tax legislation which was effective from 6 April 2019 to target non-UK residents investing in certain UK property funds. 

Non-UK companies like Canada Life International Limited, Canada Life International Assurance (Ireland) DAC and CLI Institutional Limited (Canada Life International) are impacted by the legislation when realising gains from investment funds that invest at least 75% of their assets in UK property. These funds are known as ‘UK property rich collectives’.

As the above companies fall within the scope of this legislation, HMRC will tax any gains made on the sale of these funds when they are held in an international investment bond. These funds may be held directly through the bond, held in a portfolio managed by an investment manager or held on an investment platform.

Further information

You may have some specific questions in response to this update. To assist with this we have prepared a:

Please note this list is for guidance only and is not exhaustive as other collective investments may be impacted.

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