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Scott Rayner: identifying opportunities and proposing solutions


“Regardless of what job you’re doing – whether you think it’s the job you want, or you’re unsure if it will lead to where you want to go – you should always try and do it to the best of your ability.  That way, you position yourself to take advantage of any opportunities that might come along.”


This has been Scott Rayner’s approach throughout his career. In 2004 (after several years with Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), and a short sabbatical), he joined Canada Life as Team Lead for Claims Management Services.


His initial role evolved and eventually led him to become Group Income Protection Proposition Manager on the Sales Team where he’s proud to focus on telling the story of our business.



Identifying an emerging opportunity


While on the Income Protection Claims side, Scott noticed that our Early Intervention Service (EIS) was a very powerful offering. There was some strong data coming out of customer feedback and analysis sessions.


“I was asked to develop a short presentation to demonstrate the data and value to the client. I did, and everything snowballed from there.”


Scott’s Income Protection Claims role then became an Early Intervention Implementation Manager role. This change meant going out to meet our existing clients, talking to them about what our team of nurses could offer, and then rolling the service out within those businesses.


“At that point it was clear to me that we had something here that could be incredibly powerful as a proposition tool when used in the right way,” shares Scott. “Dan Crook, our Sales Director had been ahead of the game and was developing a clear Return on Investment (ROI) story for the employer, so I think the way I was articulating EIS really resonated with him. I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a Sales conference. After that I was delighted when Dan asked me to join the Sales team and move into my current (Proposition Manager) role.” 



Teaming up to get the proposition right


In Scott’s experience, success in Sales is all about relationships, data and an emotional connection. In his role he works with various stakeholders to arrive at the right mix of tools, visuals, story and supporting data to make a compelling pitch: “Data is great, and stories are great, but one without the other doesn’t’ work.”  


Two of the many areas of the business that help bring Scott’s vision to life for the Income Protection proposition are Claims Management Services and Marketing.


Working with Marketing for the last two or three years has been a great support to Scott’s vision: “I start with some rough sketches and ideas, and Marketing turns them into an incredibly helpful, aesthetically pleasing document that brings that emotional connection and the ROI together to create an impact. The feedback we get from employers and advisors has been positive.”


Once he’s sold the story of our business and Income Protection to organisations, Scott works with Claims Management Services to facilitate implementation meetings: “The Claims Management team have an important role in bringing to life what we’ve sold and ensuring what we’ve promised becomes a reality. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we’ve achieved through this without Claims Management Leads following through, site by site with our deliverables.”


He adds that our nurses are a critical part of the process: “I’m just lucky enough to get to meet the employer and talk about what they do. Without our Nurse team, we wouldn’t have a proposition.”


Promoting Income Protection as an everyday solution for everyone


According to Scott, the financial services industry has been really good at talking about Income Protection and what it can bring to employees, but less effective in demonstrating what’s in it for employers. He says we’re in an environment now where many employers – regardless of size – are looking to cut costs, and employee benefits can often be the first place they look to trim.


“Our challenge is encouraging our intermediaries to become advocates of what we do. Income Protection is something organisations and employees can use everyday — it’s about absence management, Employee Assistance Programmes and Second Medical Opinion and isn’t a service you use only halfway through a deferred period.”


Having our story ready to tell has been incredibly powerful for Scott and his colleagues to use in the advisor community and with the employers.


“Now we’re the only insurer that can really make a credible ROI case for IP and show employers what they’re saving in pounds and pence.”