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The Tempest Two share their inspiring story with Canada Life employees


On 13th June, more than 70 Canada Life Group Insurance employees attended a presentation by The Tempest Two – two normal marketing guys who decided push themselves beyond their limits with daunting outdoor adventures around the globe.

This determined duo has proven to themselves – and the world – that everyday people can aim for exciting heights and achieve more than they imagined.

Through sharing their stories of perseverance, teamwork and optimism, James Whittle and Tom Caulfield demonstrated how what they’ve experienced aligns with Canada Life’s own vision and values.

“I’d seen The Tempest Two previously and was very keen for them to bring their story to our staff at Canada Life. I hoped that our people would resonate with the simplicity of James and Tom’s messages and look to see how they could compare them with their own journeys at Canada Life and beyond. Based on feedback I’ve received I’m glad we invited them in!

The synergy between The Tempest Two’s experiences and our values was closer than you might have first thought – no one is suggesting any of us will do one of the ‘mad’ things they are up to, but it was easy to see how you could apply our company values (People, Integrity, Excellence and Together) to what they or we do.”


– Andy Tarzey, Operations Director, Canada Life Group Insurance


A key message from The Tempest Two’s presentation: Stepping outside your comfort zone is important. When you do that for long enough and really sustain it, excellence becomes the norm.