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Unlocking our Talent Pool through Growth Mindset


On Thursday May 10th, business leaders and senior HR professionals had the opportunity to listen to guest speaker Matthew Syed at Flair 4 Recruitment’s fifth Bristol Talent event, hosted in partnership with Canada Life Group Insurance. The Times columnist, bestselling author and former table tennis champion addressed the theme of Unlocking our Talent Pool through Growth Mindset at the Watershed multi-arts venue on Bristol’s historic waterfront.

The event was part of Flair 4 Recruitment’s vision to create a talent community in Bristol and its surrounds; a forum in which a range of people from top firms can come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of talent management and learn from a diverse selection of dynamic and fascinating speakers. Now in its third year, this mission goes from strength to strength. Over 100 business leaders regularly attend the events, and support and interest continue to grow.

The skills shortage in the UK is a challenge across all sectors which requires bold and innovative thinking. The south-west in particular, with its wealth of creative, technical and financial services companies, can benefit from sharing new ideas and embracing forward-thinking approaches to talent acquisition and retention. Flair 4 Recruitment’s talent community is the perfect place to discuss developments and get inspired to give firms a competitive edge.


Leah Burrows, Director at Flair 4 Recruitment, says:

“We are delighted to have hosted our fifth talent event in partnership with Canada Life Group Insurance, and to welcome the brilliant Matthew Syed as a speaker – another great opportunity for Bristol’s business leaders to be inspired, network with peers and take away some tools and techniques to give their firms a competitive edge.”


Andy Tarzey, Operations Director at Canada Life Group Insurance, says:

“We have gained huge value from previous Flair 4 Recruitment’s Talent events, both in terms of subject content and speakers. It builds on our already strong relationship with Flair 4 Recruitment, our long-term recruitment partner. Also, our UK headquarters for Group Insurance is in Bristol so it’s a great opportunity for us to get involved and support a local initiative.”