International Business

Explore our international financial centres in The Isle of Man and Ireland.

Our international business offers a variety of international solutions which are designed to grow our customers’ savings and investments. Our services include international investment, estate planning and protection solutions. With over 35 years of unrivalled strength our international business has £21.3bn assets under administration (as at 23/10/23), with the added stability of being part of Great-West Lifeco. All of this is backed by our highly regarded service, technical expertise and award-winning products and proposition.

Canada Life – A global business

Our priority at Canada Life is to meet our customers’ needs. To achieve that we focus on being stable, reliable, and informed by experience. We’re proud that our international business is based in the Isle of Man and Ireland, two of the world’s leading international financial centres.

Isle of Man – A lasting commitment

Canada Life International Limited (CLI) and CLI Institutional Limited (CLII) are based in the Isle of Man and we are confident in our lasting commitment to the Isle of Man. Now one of the world’s leading international financial centres it is renowned for quality financial services and built on unrivalled accessibility and ease of communications. The Isle of Man has a reputation centred around stable government, strong regulatory controls and policyholder protection.

CLI has served the UK international bond market for 34 years and remains one of the leading international providers. Whilst sensitive to the need to deliver value for money products, the company remains committed to its high degree of technical competency, believing that technical support for advisers remains critical. CLI is the only international company to have received a five-star financial strength rating from actuarial consultancy firm, AKG for twenty consecutive years.

CLII continues to receive exceptional ratings from specialist, independent agencies in relation to financial strength, unit-linked business, and commitment to service, including a five-star AKG rating in 2022. Through CLII, ultra high net worth customers can obtain a level of policyholder protection, that is not otherwise currently available in the international UK market. It provides expertise in wealth management solutions for UK residents.

Both companies work in close partnership with some of the world’s largest investment specialists.

Isle of Man


Ireland – Strength and Stability


Canada Life International Assurance (Ireland) DAC (CLIAI) is based in Dublin, recognised as one of the world’s leading financial centres. It boasts a strong commitment to international financial standards and policyholder protection. Our aim is to provide sophisticated solutions. One of the key benefits for investors of Ireland is that there’s no VAT to pay on discretionary fund manager’s charges. We also do not pay any capital gains tax or income tax in Ireland on investments held on behalf of policyholders. We’re proud that CLIAI is given five stars by Actuarial consultancy firm, AKG. You can find more information about CLIAI in our Solvency and Financial Condition Report.

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