Shareholder Rights Directive

Canada Life Limited (CLL) operates a number of life and pension (L&P) funds which invest directly in units of regulated Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) managed by a number of different asset managers.

The CLL L&P funds are unit-linked investments, rather than investments used to back liabilities.

The majority of CLL’s L&P assets under management are invested in funds managed by Canada Life Asset Management Limited (CLAM). CLAM forms part of the Canada Life group of companies and is a sister company of CLL. A link is provided to the CLAM Engagement Policy which describes how CLAM conducts its engagement and interaction with the management of the companies that it invests in.

Read the CLAM Engagement Policy here

If the fund in which you are invested is managed by a different asset manager (this would be shown on the L&P fund factsheet), please visit their website to review the relevant engagement policy.

The CLL L&P funds, often via the underlying CIS in which they invest, disclose the strategy of their funds in their fund documentation and provide an indication of what they recommend as the minimum holding period.

The asset managers of the underlying CIS quote a management fee for managing the investments (this is part of these funds’ Ongoing Charges Figure, also known as the OCF). Within the CLL governance framework, the performance of our funds and these underlying funds is monitored (net of all costs and charges, including turnover costs) on an ongoing basis, over several time periods. Representatives from CLL also meet with the asset managers on a regular basis to discuss performance and other governance matters.