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What does a system administrator do?

The system administrator’s main role is to make sure only authorised individuals in your company have online access to client information. They can do this by controlling who can register on our portal, and assigning them appropriate agency numbers and roles.

You’ll automatically become the system administrator if you’re the first person to register for Adviser Connect from your company and we approve your registration. A member of the Adviser Connect team will get in touch with you before they approve the application to make sure you’re happy with the administration role.

Once you’ve become the administrator, you’ll need to approve all future registrations to Adviser Connect under your firm’s FCA number.

How the system works

Once a new user submits a registration to the Adviser Connect portal, you’ll receive an automated email showing you there’s a registration pending approval.

When you log in, click ‘Administration Zone’ and then ‘Pending requests’. You’ll see a list of pending registrations. To approve a registration, simply click ‘Approve’. If the individual shouldn’t have access to the site then click ‘Decline’ to cancel and remove the registration from the list.

Roles and agency numbers

You can apply roles and agency numbers for that user if you approve their registration.

The roles dictate the amount of access the user has on the site, while the agency numbers selected determine which policy number valuations the user has access to.

To apply roles, simply click the ones you wish to add. To apply agency numbers, move them from the left-hand box to the right. To do this, click on the agency number you wish to apply and click ‘Select’. Alternatively, you can ‘Select all’ to move all of the agency number shown.

If you want to make sure the display shows all of the agency numbers, click ‘Show all postcodes’. By default, the system will only show the agency number associated to the postcode the user entered during their registration. We’ll show all the agency numbers available under the firm’s FCA number.

Click the ‘Submit’ button to finish the approval process. The user will then receive an email letting them know that you’ve approved their registration.

Registered users

You can also search for registered users within the Administration Zone. The tool will allow you to search using a person’s name, email address or their user ID. If you leave all the fields blank and click ‘Search’, you’ll see a list of all the registered users under the firm’s FCA number.

Click on the individual’s name to view their user profile. You’ll be able to amend the roles and agency numbers assigned to them, reset their password if they’re registered with ID and password or delete the user.

Update status and reset password

You can also update their status. All profiles are active unless a user has entered an incorrect password a few times. If this happens, their status will be marked as suspended. You’ll need to change the status back to active to help a user access their profile again. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to reset the user’s password.

If you click ‘Suspended’ you can also temporarily remove a user’s access if you need to.

Adding administrators

(There’s no limit to the number of administrators in one firm. You can make any other registered individual an administrator by adding the administrator’s role to the user’s profile using ‘Update Roles’ option.

You can also add local administrators if a company has multiple offices around the country. For example, a central administrator might want to assign a local administrator to an office in the south of England, and a second local administrator to an office in the north. The local administrators would be responsible for any registrations to their postcode, which allows each office to handle their own administration of the site.


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Adviser Connect for administrators

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