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Canada Life Asset Management

Providing a range of simple investment solutions

Canada Life Asset Management (CLAM) is our UK based asset management business responsible for managing £39.4 billion (31 March 2021) of equities, fixed income and property investments including a comprehensive multi-asset range. They adopt a modern approach to provide reliable, transparent, and competitively priced funds suitable for a wide range of clients.

The Core Range within The Retirement Account draws on CLAM’s expertise with carefully selected options to help meet your ambitions for income, growth or a combination of the two. These include a range of multi-asset, money market and property funds that cater for different risk appetites and work towards specific client outcomes.

Canada Life Asset Management Funds

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Risk-targeted portfolios

You can access 10 different risk-targeted portfolio funds from Canada Life Asset Management that invest in a wide range of asset types, countries and sectors to create a diversified investment solution. The portfolios will stay within the risk levels you are comfortable with, which means your investments will remain aligned to your risk level - both now and in the future.

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Risk-managed funds

Our Risk-managed funds from Canada Life Asset Management allow you to benefit from their in-house fund management team and active approach to investing. This gives the fund managers flexibility to protect your money and/or seek out growth opportunities while considering the investment options at that time.

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Property funds

The Canlife UK Property Income Fund and the Canlife UK Property Fund aim to achieve a combination of income and capital growth over any five-year period by investing directly and/or indirectly in UK commercial Property selected from across the retail, office, industrial and other sectors, including leisure and hotels. Unlike bonds and equities, property remains a relationship driven market. Canada Life Asset Management’s award-winning fund management team have built up a significant network of contacts which enables them to effectively evaluate the opportunities available in the market. The main difference between the two funds available through The Retirement Account is that Canlife UK Property Income Fund accumulates income instead of paying it out. Both Property funds invest into the LF Canlife UK Property ACS.

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Monthly Diversified Income Fund

The Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund is a low-cost, insured fund which holds a diversified portfolio of income generating assets, including global company shares, international government and corporate bonds, as well as property.

Targeting steady income with monthly dividends

  • Fund aims to deliver a generous yield – targets 4%+
  • Aims for a relatively steady monthly dividend payment
  • Prospect for capital growth

This multi-asset fund has a well-supported yield by investment in quality investments, meaning no excessive risk to the investor.

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Canlife Sterling Liquidity Fund

The Canlife Sterling Liquidity Fund is designed to provide investors with a high degree of capital security with daily liquidity. The fund is a vehicle for investors’ cash deposits and the main objective is to generate a return on short-term deposits and manage cash flow efficiently.

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CLAM - Multi-asset investment approach and fund governance

CLAM’s investment philosophy is to take a long-term approach and rise above short-term news and swings in sentiment. Simple, transparent, and competitively priced, they believe multi-asset funds should be easy to explain, have transparency around how clients’ funds are invested, and the outcomes they can expect to achieve. Their risk management and governance process includes the monitoring and assessment of fund performance, regularly challenging their investment approach and ensuring they treat all customers fairly – at all times.

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Canada Life Asset Management

Fund research centre

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Fund research centre

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The Core Range

A range of simple, low-cost, multi-asset funds

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The Governed Range

Wider range of ‘best in class’ funds from established investment firms

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The Extended Range

Ultimate investment flexibility and choice

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