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Discretionary fund management

Managing investments in an offshore bond

Get access to a greater choice of investments and benefit from the expertise of a discretionary fund manager.

What’s a discretionary fund manager?

A discretionary fund manager is an investment professional. They have the expertise to advise you on investment choices and build and manage a portfolio on your behalf.

They do this by taking into account the level of risk you’re comfortable with, your financial needs and goals and your tax position.

Making investment decisions

Once your portfolio has been built, the discretionary fund manager will use their expertise to make independent decisions about the portfolio. This allows them to act quickly and take advantage of opportunities that could help your investment grow.


Through our range of open architecture bonds, you can choose to have your investments managed by one or more discretionary fund managers, without increasing the ongoing charges of your offshore bond.

If your investments are looked after by a discretionary fund manager, VAT is usually added to their fees. However, if you choose our Premiere Europe Account or our Wealth Preservation Europe Account (both based in Ireland), VAT does not need to be added to the discretionary fund manager’s fees.


You can use a discretionary fund manager with the following products:

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Discretionary fund managers

View our list of discretionary fund managers who could manage your investments through our offshore bonds.

DFM Partners
Fund Centre

Fund centre

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What are the risks?

Just so you’re aware, we’re unable to change the terms of your annuity policy once we’ve set it up. Your income will stop when you die unless you opt to include death benefits. Inflation will reduce the spending power of your income, especially if you haven’t chosen a rising income. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules depend on the type of investment and individual circumstances and may change. Other annuity providers may provide you with a better outcome.

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