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Personal Injury Trusts and the Court of Protection

Helping you support Personal Injury clients

We know how vulnerable Personal Injury clients can be. Which is why we have a streamlined process to help you set up and manage a Canada Life Bond where either a deputy is applying on behalf of the injured person or where a Personal Injury Trust is used.

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Managing a Personal Injury Claim

The application process is only the start of our relationship with you and the client. There will be key servicing activities to be carried out throughout the tenure of the investment. This guide explains some of those activities.

The Guide
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Speeding up the process

Setting up a Bond on behalf of a client, their Deputy, or where a Personal Injury Trust is being used, can be complex. Our application form is designed to help speed up the process, and our team of experts are ready to guide you through each case.

Application Form
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Personal Injury claims webinar

On the 13th of April we ran a CPD qualifying webinar discussing Personal Injury claims, Personal Injury Trusts, and the solutions available. You can now watch the webinar on demand by clicking below.

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Useful documents

Personal Injury Claims - Sales aid
Personal Injury SPS New Policy Process

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