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International Portfolio Bond

A comprehensive solution for investors

The International Portfolio Bond from Canada Life International Assurance (Ireland) is an investment bond offering a wide range of investment options in one place. It combines this with the tax efficiency of investing through a Dublin based company, where the underlying investment can grow free of UK tax, with any personal taxation usually being deferred until profits are brought back to the UK.

Working with your professional adviser you can construct a portfolio using a combination of funds, cash deposits, investment platforms and discretionary managers. This utilises Canada Life International Assurance (Ireland) expertise and relationships with other investment providers to offer a competitive, comprehensive solution.

  • The tax efficient growth of an investment based in Dublin for UK residents means that any growth in the Bond is not subject to UK tax, although UK tax may apply when any profit is brought back into the UK.
  • Although the bond has a minimum investment amount of £50,000, it can be set-up as a series of identical policies of up to 99,999 with no minimum premium size for each policy, providing maximum flexibility when you want to take money from the investment.
  • It is possible to pay additional amounts into the bond, either as one off payments or regular amounts.
  • Can be denominated in sterling, US Dollars or euro – this can be an advantage if you are planning to move abroad and want to reduce the effect of changes in exchange rates.
  • You or your adviser can change the underlying investments at any time.
  • As a life assurance policy, the individual policies can be gifted to other people without a tax charge.
  • For trustees, it can offer an easy method of investing.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you should speak to a professional adviser to ensure that any investment is suitable for you.

The Bond is true open architecture – this means that almost any collective fund from around the world can be used, as can cash deposits, investment platforms and discretionary managers. The list of platforms and discretionary managers is always evolving and can be added to, if required.

It is possible to use multiple funds, platforms and discretionary managers and the investments can be changed at any time.

The Bond will appeal to UK resident investors with at least £50,000 to invest who are looking for a comprehensive range of investment options with the tax efficiency of investing through a Dublin based company.

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