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Stress Resilience Toolkit: Part 2 Building resilience and your self-help tools

Building resilience with self-help tools that you can use to help minimise the impacts of stress.

About the webinar

On-demand | 45 mins

Building resilience for stress is becoming more important than ever to avoid employees feeling burnt out and to protect their wellbeing. In part one of the stress resilience webinars, you will have learnt what stress is and how to spot the signs before it starts to impact your health. Part two of our stress resilience webinar series will show you how you can build resilience to it as well as providing some self-help tools that you can use to help minimise the impacts of stress.

This webinar is available to anyone would like to learn more this topic. What you’ll learn:

  • How to build stress resilience
  • Self-help tools

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Stress Resilience webinar

Your speaker

Andrew Marchant | Claims Liaison Manager | Canada Life

Andrew Merchant is an expert on mental health and wellbeing. He has been working in the Protection industry for over 30 years, showing his devotion for supporting customers and employees with their wellbeing.

Andrew has been a mental health first aider and trainer for over five years and is an advocate for mental health and wellbeing.