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Understanding the impact of lifetime IHT charges

Inheritance tax & life assurance solutions

About the webinar

CPD: 35mins

In this CPD qualifying webinar Neil Jones (Technical Support Manager) discusses:

- Chargeable Lifetime Transfers
- Entry Charge
- Principle Charge
- Proportionate Charge
- Reporting Requirements
- Gifting above the nil rate band

About the Presenter

Neil Jones is a financial services specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the adviser marketplace and with providers. He specialises in tax planning in both onshore and offshore environments, estate planning and retirement. Neil is a member of various financial services working groups, regularly comments in the media and speaks at industry events.


Your CPD certificate will be sent to your registered email address once you have completed the webinar. If you do not receive this or for any questions please email clukmarkcomm@canadalife.co.uk 

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