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Neurodiversity: Recognising our uniqueness

Mental health expert Colin Preece explores what neurodiversity is and the benefits of embracing diversity in the workplace.

About the webinar

On-demand | 35 minutes

Neurodiversity is based on the concept that neurological variances should be recognised and respected just like any other human variation, such as gender, race or sexual orientation.

Everyone’s brain works differently, and we all think, learn and process information in various ways. Recognising this in the workplace is vital to success, as a diverse and inclusive working environment has many benefits for both the employer and the employee.

This Canada Life webinar, presented in collaboration with Teladoc and mental health expert, Colin Preece, covers:

  • What neurodiversity is
  • The neurodiversity ‘umbrella’
  • The benefits of embracing diversity in the workplace
  • How it can benefit you, your employees and your organisation

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Your speakers

Colin Preece | Clinical Head of Mental Health | Teladoc Health UK

Colin Preece is a Chartered Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Following a career in the British police service, Colin has supported athletes in psychological preparation for competitive events, including successive Olympic games. Colin is passionate about education, having taught psychology at both university and secondary school level. He is currently a clinical lead at Teladoc Health, leading a team providing high quality mental health care to a diverse patient group. He has specific interests in education, stress and performance under pressure.


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