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Dan Crook tips to employers

Canada Life’s Protection Sales Director, Dan Crook, comments on ageism in the workplace:

“The UK economy is facing a significant labour shortage due in part to the ‘silver exodus’ from workplaces. However, as some of these people think about un-retiring, this presents a significant opportunity for employers. Not only to focus on attraction and retention, but to entice older workers back into the workforce, creating diversity of thought and age.

“Now more than ever, employers must think carefully about how they can create and nurture a healthy and happy workforce, introducing benefits to suit a wide variety of circumstances and needs. Employing a mixture of workers of all ages will not only create an environment in which employees can share experiences and skills, but it will also bring a broad range of perspectives to the table.”

Read Canada Life’s top tips for any employer looking to support an ageing workforce:

  • Revisit your attitudes. It’s up to employers to rethink how they view the older workforce. Rather than overlooking this ageing workforce, employers should embrace this group for the diverse thinking they offer.
  • Create an environment that prioritises wellbeing. This can come by understanding each and every employee’s needs and providing suitable opportunities for them to succeed. Not everyone thrives in a 9-to-5 job.
  • Offer training to all employees. This not only reduces any knowledge gaps between employees, but helps create an inclusive workplace.
  • Provide preventative and active health and mental health support. Healthcare cover is a significant benefit and motivator for employees, especially those who are in older brackets of the workplace. Employers who can offer these types of support services are also more likely to see greater employee retention and productivity.
  • Communicate with your workforce. Open communication is fundamental in the workplace. By encouraging employers to understand every employee’s needs, it will create an environment in which all workers can thrive.

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