Controlled Access Account

Make a gift into an absolute trust, and keep control of when the beneficiaries can access the trust fund, while potentially reducing your exposure to UK inheritance tax.

With the Controlled Access Account, you can make a gift into an absolute or bare trust arrangement for a child beneficiary with 99% entitlement and an adult beneficiary with 1% entitlement. The dual beneficial interest means the trustees can control when the beneficiaries access their share of the trust fund, even if they're an adult. The trustees can choose to allow maturing policies to be paid out to provide ongoing financial support while the child beneficiary is a minor, or defer maturities until the child beneficiary is an adult. The trust assets are invested to provide the opportunity for medium to long term capital growth and can be used for the beneficiaries’ ongoing financial support. Your gift into trust can also reduce your potential inheritance tax liability.

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Key documents

Surrender and withdrawal form

Investment dealing form

Case study 1 - Donor

Case study 2 - Child beneficiary

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As true open architecture products, both accounts offer a flexible range of investment options.

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