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Excluded Property Trust

Shelter your overseas assets from inheritance tax

This trust is ideal for anyone who is resident in the UK and holds assets outside of the UK, but is not currently and has never been UK-domiciled or deemed UK-domiciled. If you invest non-UK assets into one of our international bonds and place it in an Excluded Property Trust before becoming UK-domiciled or deemed UK-domiciled, you could avoid having to pay inheritance tax on the investment.

How a trust works

A trust is a way of managing assets (such as money or investments). It’s a legal arrangement where someone (the donor or settlor) puts assets into a trust and appoints a person or group of people (the trustees) to look after them, for the benefit of a specific person or a group of people (the beneficiaries). There are various types of trusts, with different features and benefits.

Our Excluded Property Trust

This trust gives you a way to protect investments held outside of the UK from being included in your estate for inheritance tax purposes if you are currently not and never have been UK-domiciled.

If you become UK-domiciled after the trust is established, and do not add property to the trust, then these assets are excluded and remain outside of your estate.

Once set up, you can benefit from payments from the trust, and the trust will continue until all assets are given to the beneficiaries.

Accessing your money

With our Excluded Property Trust, you can be a beneficiary and the trustees can access the investment at any time to make withdrawals for the beneficiaries.

A discretionary trust

Our Excluded Property Trust is a discretionary trust, which means that the trustees manage the trust, make decisions about who’ll benefit from the trust (which can include you), how much money they’ll get and when.

Products that can be placed in this trust

You can use the following investment bonds with our Excluded Property Trust. Click on the links below to explore each product.

Premiere accounts

Delta Account

Offshore Savings Account

Elite and Prestige Account


Income tax

Income tax may need to be paid when a chargeable event gain arises on an investment bond held in an Excluded Property Trust. For more information on tax and how it might affect you, please talk to your financial adviser.

Inheritance tax

If you place an investment into our Excluded Property Trust before you’re UK-domiciled or deemed UK-domiciled, then there’ll be no inheritance tax to pay on it. If you add an investment to the trust after you’re UK-domiciled or deemed UK-domiciled, then inheritance tax may need to be paid.  

If you have been UK-domiciled in the past and set up an Excluded Property Trust while domiciled in another country, the excluded property status will be lost if you return to the UK.