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Advancing intergenerational planning opportunities

AKG Report 2021

The future of intergenerational financial advice

We’re proud to sponsor AKG’s 2021 report on advancing intergenerational financial planning for advisers. The report uncovers specific areas where clients require expert intergenerational advice, and explores the potential for intermediary firms to harness those opportunities.

Intergenerational advice is of increasing importance to advisers and their clients for reasons that go beyond just minimising exposure to inheritance tax. The efficient transfer of wealth in a timely, efficient and transparent way helps families both financially and emotionally, and helps advisers deepen their relationship with clients for many years to come.

The global pandemic has arguably made this process easier as the growing use of technology facilitates bringing family units together. But breaking down barriers within families isn’t always easy. On the back of this report we will give you the tools to help you develop empathetic relationships and soft questioning skills, and broaden your factfinding to bring family hierarchy, goals and issues into play.

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AKG Research Briefing 2021

The AKG’s report provides an in-depth look at what the future may hold beyond the traditional focus of the primary client and how advisers can get involved in helping families navigate their way through these complex changes.

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“As a provider we know we can’t treat advisers or their clients as one homogenous group. Which is why we are committed to supporting advisers with tailored content, technical expertise and support which covers the breadth of our offerings, from tax and estate planning solutions, to pensions and retirement income, investments, home finance and insurance products. We can help join up the dots and ensure advisers are having the right conversations with their clients.”

Sean Christian - MD and Executive Director, Wealth Division, Canada Life


Planning for the future

Preserving clients’ wealth for now and future generations is a complex process. In today’s world driven by change and innovation, the only way we can prepare for the unknown is by planning for every eventuality. In other words, taking control of our financial stability; securing the needs of our families; protecting our lifestyle and the wealth we’ve accumulated over the years. Explore the range of educational materials we’ve developed to help you with your future conversations.


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