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Long Term Close Up

Our business has been built on taking a longer-term view.

Long Term Close Up

We care about creating better, brighter futures for our customers at all stages of their lives. That’s why we’re spending our time exploring the nature of long-term thinking, decision making and planning.

The 5 pillars of research

Long-term revealed

Pillar one of our research looked at the meaning of Long-term. We discovered that when people were asked to put a number on long-term, the average was 24 years.

Goal setting for long-term dreams

We’ll reveal our national goal-setting habits. What goals do we have? How are we working towards them? And are they realistic?

We’ll explore the fundamental role that goals play in our thinking and planning. We’ll start to look at and understand the goals and objectives that motivate clients throughout their lives and how advisers can work with clients to stretch their thinking around longer-term goals.

The meaning of families

Which generation do you think shares their goals with family? How do families impact our decision making and long-term planning?

We’ll examine the impact family has on the long-term view and the potential opportunities this brings to advisers.

The role of optimism

Do we have an overwhelmingly positive long-term outlook?

We explore what impact this has on people’s financial planning and delve into the expectation vs reality gap and how this influences the finances in place. Along with how this affects you as an adviser when discussing long-term plans with your clients.

Learned or instinctive?

Who is influencing customers' long-term thinking right now? And to what extent do they teach and influence it?

We uncover the part that advisers may have to play in this and look at the younger generations for the future opportunities they’ll bring to advisers.

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Long-term Close Up expert podcast series

Hear from experts as they explore our long-term thinking insights and delve deeper into the psychology that sits behind this and what it means for advisers.

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Goal setting for long-term dreams

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Goals! Goals! Goals!

How understanding clients’ long-term goals is an opportunity for advisers

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Going for Goals

Introducing our deep dive into the role of goals in long term financial planning

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Happy and Healthy

Happiness is a primary driver for financial goal-setting but what does this mean

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The Power of Positivity

Help unlock clients' priorities through adopting a coaching role

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Long-term revealed

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Uncovering your client’s long-term thinking

Read more about the research and the key insights


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Meet Dr Simon Moore

We have partnered up with renowned Psychologist Dr Simon Moore find out more


Meet Simon

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Complete the CPD training

Uncover the hidden motivations of your clients in this fascinating CPD training with Dr Simon Moore


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  1. Source: Research for Canada Life was conducted in partnership with Savanta.  Read more about the research.