Leaving a legacy

We’ve been researching how people think about leaving a legacy and applied a psychological lens to understand this further.

Discover the psychology that sits behind people wanting to leave a legacy and hear from our experts about leaving a legacy in a changing world and the opportunities intergenerational planning could offer to you as an adviser.

The people's perspective

Hear from people across the UK on what legacy they would pass onto their loved ones

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Psychology behind leaving a legacy

Uncover the emotions and drivers behind your client’s need to leave a legacy

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Leaving a legacy in a changing world

Discover what the challenges that clients face when it comes to leaving a legacy

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The opportunities for advisers

Explore how intergenerational planning and adapting client conversations

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The industry perspective

Hear from the industry experts who discuss why goals, milestones and finances are closely connected, how they work together and how advisers can make a difference.

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Long-term Close Up expert podcast series

Hear from experts as they explore our long-term thinking insights and delve deeper into the psychology that sits behind this and what it means for advisers.

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Long-term Close Up

Explore the insights that we’ve found through our Long-term Close Up research and the behavioural drivers that sit behind the way your clients act when it comes to long-term thinking, planning and decision making.

Long term close up