The people's perspective

We spoke to people from across the UK to understand the legacy they would like to leave their loved ones.

Our research shows that 46% of people’s most important legacy to leave their loved ones, is financial security closely followed by 44% of people saying they want to leave a positive memory.

Families and their futures: The people's perspective

The psychology behind leaving a legacy

There are many practical reasons that clients might want to leave a legacy. For example, passing down wealth could provide their family with an inheritance. But could there be a more emotive goal that clients want to achieve?

We uncover the psychology behind leaving a legacy in our latest article with Dr Simon Moore. 

The opportunity for advisers

When it comes to leaving a legacy, the conversation might traditionally be between you, your client and their spouse. But could extending the client/adviser relationship be the key? We explore how intergenerational planning and adapting client conversations could help create opportunities for advisers.

Find out more about leaving a legacy in a changing world along with our expert’s insights and commentary

The opportunities in leaving a legacy

For many clients, knowing that their family will be taken care of after they’re gone is an important life goal. But planning for the long-term can be difficult when the world around us is constantly changing.  So, what are the challenges that clients face when it comes to leaving a legacy?

We’ve asked our solution experts to share their insights on the impact of current affairs, a competitive housing market and inheritance tax could have on your client’s decisions.  Read our article.

The family influence case study

We’ve spoken to people from across the UK to understand who shaped their attitudes towards financial goals, providing insights and opportunities to advisers.

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Changing mindsets case study

People from across the UK uncover some of the ways their mindsets have been changed over the years and how their loved ones affected this. We’ll provide insights and opportunities to advisers.

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Long-term bitesize podcast series

Our experts explain the why behind our long-term thinking research, the insights that we found and the psychology that sits behind this.

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