Canada Life offers WeCare to all home finance customers

  • Virtual health and wellbeing service launched to existing and new customers at no additional cost

Canada Life has launched WeCare to its home finance customers which provides a comprehensive range of virtual health and wellbeing services. The service provides 24/7 access to professionals who can provide virtual GP appointments, mental health support and legal or financial guidance, all at no additional cost to the customer.


WeCare is available to customer’s immediate family members, allowing them to personalise the services they need whenever they’re needed. All services are completely free to use, but there is a cost for private prescriptions ordered through the 24/7 GP consultation.


Alice Watson, head of marketing, insurance, comments on the news:

“We are thrilled to be able to roll out WeCare to each of our home finance customers and their families. The service provides immeasurable support from qualified experts at some of the most difficult times in our lives. Not only do we want WeCare to be useful and supportive if the worst should happen, but we also want to help people improve their daily wellbeing through options such as support to stop smoking or guidance on healthy eating and fitness. This has been the driving force behind the blend of wellbeing solutions, clinical and mental health support that WeCare will now provide to all of our home finance customers.”


The most popular WeCare services include:

1)           Access to UK-based GPs for confidential medical advice and private prescriptions that can be delivered at home

2)           Second opinions on diagnosis or treatment needs from expert consultants

3)           Professional mental health support, including life events counselling and bereavement sessions

4)           Nutrition and fitness support, including meal planning and Get Fit programmes

5)           Legal and financial expert guidance on divorce, property disputes, probate, budgeting and more.


WeCare can be accessed 24/7 by downloading the WeCare Programme app, visiting the website at or calling the helpline on 0208 068 0035.


Further information on WeCare and the services available can be found here:


Please note, WeCare is provided by Teladoc Health. This service is non-contractual and can be withdrawn at any time if our partnership with Teladoc Health ends.