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Actuarial Graduate

After graduating, I was looking for a career that would be challenging and rewarding. An actuarial career seemed like a perfect fit - the work sounded interesting and varied, while the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) qualification is well-respected and represented a fantastic long-term goal. The study scheme at Canada Life appealed to me because of the rotations between business areas, giving me valuable experience in different roles.

I’m almost two years into my first role in the valuation team, where my job is to help set the reserves the company holds for its annuity policies. This involves regularly updating the assumptions in our model, analysing the model output and summarising the results in reports. I’ve passed four of the thirteen exams so far, where the knowledge I’ve gained from my role and colleagues has really helped. I’d recommend Canada Life to anyone who wants a career that constantly presents new challenges and allows you to grow professionally.

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