Trustee Investment Plan

The CanRetire Trustee Investment Plan (TIP) is an investment plan for you as a trustee of an occupational pension scheme or as a member of a self-invested personal pension scheme. It will allow you access to Canada Life pension funds that otherwise would be unavailable to you.

These individual funds may be required for portfolio diversification or simply as an individual choice of fund based on asset allocation modelling and / or fund performance. TIP also offers a wide fund choice with a straight forward and competitive charging structure.

The TIP will allow you to invest pension savings on a single or regular premium basis. The minimum single investment of £15,000 and regular monthly investment of £1,250 mean you can access them even if you have relatively modest pension funds.

The flexible withdrawal options may make TIP an attractive investment proposition if at any time you want to make large withdrawals. TIP allows regular withdrawals of up to 10% of the invested amount and ad-hoc surrenders without incurring any penalties. 

  • Ability to pay regular premiums
  • Access to all Canada Life funds
  • Flexible regular withdrawals up to 10% of investment amount
  • No penalties for surrenders or partial surrenders
  • Initial minimum single investment of £15,000

Trustees of an occupational scheme or self- invested personal pension can surrender the plan without penalty to provide any necessary death benefits

Adviser charges cannot be facilitated with this product.

The value of a TIP can go down as well as up and investors may get back less than they invested. The amount they get back will depend on the performance of the funds they choose, how long they invest for, our charges and any withdrawals they make from the Plan.

If the Plan is cancelled within 30 days, investors may get back less than they paid in.

Trustees of occupational pension schemes or members of self-invested personal pensions to gain access to Canada Life pension funds.

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