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Insured life funds

Our core range of investment funds

Access our carefully selected range of funds from some of the world’s best fund managers. As well as our popular Portfolio and Mixed Investment funds, we offer a wide range of funds to help you build a portfolio that reflects your needs and goals.

What is an insured life fund?

These funds are also called unit-linked funds and they work as a type of pooled investment. Your money is combined with other customers’ money to allow you to invest in a wider range of assets that you might otherwise be unable to invest in on your own.

Insured life funds can only be offered by insurance companies like us, so you’ll notice that the names of our insured funds start with Canlife for onshore funds or CLI for offshore funds.

Almost all of our insured funds aim to replicate the performance of an underlying fund by investing directly in that fund. The investment objectives of the Canada Life fund are consistent with those of the underlying fund, however the investment return may differ due to differences in charges and tax deductions between the two funds.

Most of our funds invest directly into one underlying fund (you can see this information on the fund factsheets). Some of our funds invest into a number of our other insured funds to provide the right asset allocation to achieve their objectives.

Internal funds

These insured funds are managed by our own specialist team, Canada Life Asset Management. With these funds, our own fund managers are responsible for the investment decisions.

External funds

These funds come from carefully selected fund management companies. With these funds, the external fund manager makes the investment decisions.

Steps to investing in an insured fund

  1. Pay money into your investment bond and tell us which funds you want to buy.
  2. We’ll work out how many units in each fund can be bought and allocate them to your policy.
  3. Your money is then pooled with other customers’ and placed into the funds you’ve chosen.
  4. The fund managers invest the money in underlying assets, in line with the objectives of the fund.
  5. You’ll share any gains or losses of the fund with the other investors.

You can learn more about how our unit-linked funds work and are managed.

Fund monitoring

We monitor the funds we offer to check that they’re being managed as expected. Learn more about how we monitor fund performance.

Fund series

Different products offer different groups of funds. The series lets you know which group of funds you can select from, as seen in the table below.

Product Fund group
Select Account Life Series 5
Flexible Investment Bond (Level) Life Series 4
Flexible Investment Bond (Deferred) Life Series 3
Total Access Bond Life Series 3
Delta Account CLI
Offshore Savings Account CLI
Key information documents
To meet the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulations, we provide Key Information Documents for each of our investment bonds. You can find these on each product page.

For the Select Account, we also provide a fund guide which you can find at our fund centre.

Find out more about these regulations and the fund guides.

All documents

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What are the risks?

As with any investment, the value can go down as well as up so you might get back less than you invest. Different investments have different levels of risk and past performance is no guide to future performance.

Fund Centre

Fund centre

Explore all our available funds. See our price lists, fund performance, factsheets and more.

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Monthly Fund Performance

See the latest fund performance in our monthly updates

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Onshore life funds centre

Explore all funds available for Life Series 3, 4 and 5. Evaluate past performance, view factsheets, fees and more .

Onshore life funds centre

Fund Centre

Explore all our available funds. See our price list, fund performance, factsheets and more.

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Guide to investment bonds

Get an overview of onshore and offshore investment bonds.

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Guide to investing

Read about the different types of assets you can hold in a bond.

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Be a ScamSmart investor

How to avoid investment and pension scams.

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