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Spotlight on: Late Financial Bloomers

Sarah Mitchell 45 Tom Mitchell 44

Case study

Sarah and Tom are newly married and have 2 children that have just started school. They have just finished paying for childcare. Sarah has re-entered the workplace full time on a salary of £42K as a PR Manager for a Finance company. Tom is self-employed and runs a recruitment agency taking home a salary of £38K.


• Two children just starting school


• Sarah has had anxiety in the past and been off with stress from work on two separate occasions.


  • Sarah has Group Income Protection with integral wellbeing support

  • Mortgage with 22 years left to pay

  • More disposable income due to finishing childcare payments and Sarah returning to work

  • Interested in making home improvements rather than investment

  • Workplace pension

  • Combined credit debt of around 16K

Elderly care

  • A parent that requires some care and support

Adviser considerations

  • Wellbeing support and financial advice for individual and families through Group Protection

  • Maximise Pension Contributions on Group pension

  • Income Protection cover for self-employed

  • Life cover plus Critical Illness cover

  • Potential to invest in ISAs or bonds.

  • Inheritance tax planning

  • Trust planning

  • Additional pension

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