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Retirement Journeys CPD hub

Providing a variety of learning resources about the changing shape of retirement and how advisers can turn societal trends into future opportunities.

Our research1 in partnership with forecasting specialists Trajectory, looks at the key trends shaping retirement now, and what this means for the future. We've explored the different retirement journeys people follow and created these CPD resources with expert insights, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for advisers.

CPD qualifying podcast series

In this series, we speak with experts and explore the retirement journeys further to highlight how these are changing and what impact this will have, the needs of each of the groups and the opportunities there are for advisers now and in the future. 

Listen & learn:

  • Why trends are changing, in how we retire
  • Which new retirement journeys are forecast to increase
  • Why the pandemic will create lasting change
  • Future opportunities to grow your business

Episode One - The why behind the research

Listen to Paul uncover why societal trends are changing retirement journeys, how his research has discovered 5 new retirement journeys and what the future holds for advisers.


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Episode two - Why are Complex Families, Complex Finances increasing?

Hear Andrew's valuable insight into why this group is growing, how you can predict their future and what advisers need to do next.


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Episode three - Where are the opportunities for Late Financial Bloomers?

Listen to John reveal why Late Financial Bloomers will be a future group of interest and how this translates into adviser opportunities.


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Episode four - Changing needs of the Financially Mature and Stress Free

Find out more as Kevan uncovers how the pandemic has impacted the Financially Mature, Stress Free.


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CPD qualifying eBook series

In this series, we have taken a deeper look into each of the 3-key groups from the retirement journeys research. Discover expert insights, further opportunities for advisers, key age stages for each group and helpful tools and tips2.

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Complex Finances, Complex Families

In our first eBook of the series we explore this growing group. Discover how you can use these insights to understand these clients needs and the opportunities these can bring to advisers.  

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Financially Mature, Stress Free

In our second eBook of the series we explore this group and how you can use these insights to start rethinking their retirement plans now to light up new opportunities. 

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Late Financial Bloomers

In our third eBook of the series we explore this growing group. Discover how you can use these insights to proactively engage with these clients and help grow your business.

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CPD qualifying webinar series

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The Retirement journeys

The changing shape of retirement

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Complex Finances, Complex Families

Retirement Journeys - Complex Families, Complex Finances

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Financially Mature, Stress Free

Rethinking Financially Mature clients to help grow your business

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Late Financial Bloomers

Nurturing Late Financial Bloomers to help grow your business

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If you want to discuss the retirement journeys and opportunities further, you can speak with a member of our team.

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  1. Source: Research for Canada Life was conducted in partnership with Trajectory, a strategic futures consultancy. It uses horizon scanning to identify the key trends shaping retirement now and in the future (to 2035), to identify a series of new models of retirement or journeys through later life.
  2. Please note that you will not receive a CPD certificate for these ebooks and we cannot accept request for these in relation to these specific eBooks and the continuing development learning these provide. You will be provided with a reflection statement which can be completed online, and a copy saved to your records. This is in line with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) requirements for continuing personal development and meets their requirements as an appropriate form of evidence for this learning.