Consumer Duty

What it means for us, our customers and distribution partners.

To support your Consumer Duty requirements, we've created product guides that bring key information together in one place, including:

  • Target market information - showing which customer groups our products are designed for and not designed for
  • Product characteristics - explaining the key features of our products and how they're distributed
  • Fair value assessments - outlining how we make sure our products provide fair value and what assessment criteria we use

We've also provided additional information that you may find helpful when assessing the suitability of our products for your clients. 

Target market and fair value statements

Premiere, Premiere Europe and DGT product information

Select Account and Select DGT product information

Fixed Term Income Plan (FTIP) product information

Lifetime Annuity and Scheme Pension product information

The Retirement Account (TRA) product information

Purchased Life Annuity product information

Lifetime mortgages product information

Wealth Preservation Account and Europe Account product information

Group Life target market and fair value statement

Group Income Protection Target market and Fair value Statement

Group Critical Illness Target market and Fair value Statement

CanProtect Target Market and Fair Value Statement

Flexible Life Plan Target Market and fair Value Statement

Individual Protection Target Market & Fair Value Statement

Product lifecycle management

FAQs: target market and fair value information