Group Life Assurance

Group Life Assurance provides a tax-free lump sum and/or an ongoing income if an employee dies while covered by the policy.


Group Life cover is not only cost-effective and simple to set up, it is also a highly valued benefit which provides a clear advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. Life can be unpredictable for businesses and people. If the worst happens, we aim to pay financial benefits as quickly as possible and provide emotional and legal support to assist during a difficult time.

All claims are handled by our dedicated Life Claims Team who understand the need for sensitivity. Employees can nominate people or causes to receive the tax-free lump sum benefit as the policy is set up under a trust.

  • Cover is available for groups of two or more employees
  • It may cost less than you think – often around 1% of payroll
  • Tax efficient for businesses
  • Tax-free benefits in most circumstances
  • We paid 99.8% of claims in 2017
  • Fast turnaround – service standard of five working days
  • Easy to set up and access to a dedicated customer service team
  • Free 24/7 access to a Bereavement Counselling  helpline
  • Free Probate Helpline available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm

The following support services are provided at no additional cost with our Group life Assurance policy.

Bereavement Counselling

  • 24/7 unlimited access to a Bereavement Counselling helpline
  • Up to four face-to-face sessions, or structured telephone sessions, with a qualified bereavement counsellor at a convenient location
  • Available to policy members, or their family if the member dies

Probate Helpline

  • The Probate Helpline provides access to probate experts covering family disputes, validity of wills, power of attorney and obtaining probate
  • Available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm
  • Service is unavailable over bank holidays

We've put in place a simple and fast process for making a claim on your Group Life Assurance policy.

Here we’ll tell you how to make a claim and how long the process will take. We’ll also provide answers to some common questions about making a claim.

Make a claim


More information can be found in our online technical and process resource, "How it Works".

Adviser: Please speak to your account manager or contact us on 0345 223 8000.

Employer: We recommend seeking independent financial advice regarding employee benefit decisions. If you need a financial adviser, you can find one locally by visiting

Employee: If you are interested in the benefits of a Group Life Assurance policy, speak to your manager or HR representative.

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Any questions? Contact our Customer Service Centre.

0345 223 8000

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