Premiere investment bonds and Premiere Europe

Our most flexible offshore accounts

A flexible, tax-efficient way to build up savings. You have at least £50,000 to invest. There’s no limit to the amount you can invest and you can make extra payments as and when you like. This account could be ideal for anyone who’s already used up their ISA or pension allowance or who wants to invest in a tax-efficient way.

Bond Service Portfolio Bond Life Group

All the documents you need for our Premiere Account and Premiere Europe Account. Documents are relevant to both accounts, unless labelled otherwise.

Key documents

Surrender and withdrawal form

Investment dealing form

Additional documents

Additional Application for Personal Customers (Including personal Trustees)

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Our most flexible account gives you the greatest choice of investment options.


Access an almost unlimited range of investment funds. With thousands of funds available you can tailor your client’s portfolio to meet their specific needs and goals.Our governance team are on-hand to check that your investment choices meet our acceptance guidelines. We’ll generally accept authorised unit trusts, approved investment trusts, OEICs, REITs and non-UK authorised collective investment schemes. Hedge funds will be considered on an individual basis.

Cash deposits

We offer a range of instant access and fixed-term deposit accounts from a wide selection of banks and building societies.

See our latest cash deposit rates.


We have agreements with a wide range of platforms to provide fund administration, custody and execution-only services. You can manage all, or part of the investment bond assets through each platform. For extra flexibility, you can also spread the investment across multiple platforms.

See our list of platforms.

Discretionary fund managers

You can appoint a discretionary manager to advise and make investment decisions on your client’s behalf. We have relationships with a wide range of discretionary managers, as well as many boutique and specialist firms. For extra flexibility you can spread the investment across multiple discretionary managers.

See discretionary fund managers.

Segregated Portfolio Service

Our Premiere accounts give you the option to use our Segregated Portfolio Service providing your clients with a wider range of investment opportunities. This service provides access to equities and gilts, so you can benefit from the investment manager’s stock selection expertise.

This service is only available through an investment manager that we have an agreement with.

Explore our Segregated Portfolio Service.

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