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Goal setting for long term dreams

We’ve been researching how people approach long-term thinking and applied a psychological lens to understand this further

Explore your client's hidden motivations and barriers to long-term thinking to help build better engagement and stretch your client’s thinking around longer-term goals.

Goal setting for long-term dreams

Goals! Goals! Goals!

How understanding clients’ long-term goals is an opportunity for advisers

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Going for long-term goals

Introducing our deep dive into the role of goals in long-term financial planning for your clients

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Happy and healthy

Happiness is a primary driver for financial goal-setting but what does this mean

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The power of positivity

Help unlock clients' priorities through adopting a coaching role to aid long-term thinking

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The industry perspective

Hear from the industry experts who discuss why goals, milestones and finances are closely connected, how they work together and how advisers can make a difference.

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Long-term close up expert series Podcast

Hear from the experts, as they reveal why we've researched long term thinking and dig deeper into the psychology that affects your client’s financial decision making.

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Families and their futures

Discover the impact that their families have on your clients’ behaviours and drivers, the emotional connections and the psychology that sits behind clients sharing their goals with their families. We'll provide insights into the family influence and how this could affect advisers when providing advice to them.

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