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Build your business

The way advisers do business has changed dramatically over the last few years with many advisers permanently working from home and utilising more virtual meetings than face-to-face

5 Marketing tips

Advisers who spend time building their marketing strategy and their brand, differentiate their firm from the competition and grow their business. A marketing strategy does not need to be complicated; these 5 steps will help get your plan started.

  1. Define your target audience

    Really understanding your target market, their needs, aspirations and goals. This will always be key to developing a successful strategy. Who is your ideal client, what’s their story? what do they read, where do they go online, how do they use social media? All of these questions will bring you closer to knowing your clients well.

  2. Build your SMART marketing objectives

    Be specific with where you want to be with your business, make sure you can measure success and record failures. Are the goals achievable and does it feel realistic? Making your goals timely will allow you to review and refine your successes and make changes as you go along. Flexibility and being agile are useful ways to adapt and learn.

  3. Create your Unique Selling Point (USP)

    What makes you different from the competition. What can you do well that others can’t? How will you stand out? What is the competition doing that you could do better? All of these questions will help you craft your unique selling point and key messaging that will drive an understanding of where you can add real value for your clients.

  4. Build awareness through content

    A website is a must for any business, make sure you have an eye-catching homepage with a strong about us and well-structed services pages. Real life testimonials are always helpful to build credibility and attract new clients. Always make it easy to find the contact information and social media accounts.

    When thinking about content, creating blogs, email, case studies and webinars are a great place to start. Make sure its targeted at your audience, engaging, useful and creates action to turn leads into clients.

  5. Attract clients through social media

    Facebook remains the most popular social media platform for over 65s with 86% having a Facebook account and 50% using WhatsApp1 .

    Choose the right platform for your audience carefully and perfect your profile and tone of voice on your posts. Watch what other competitors do first and get a feel for what works and what does not.

    Focus on getting one social media platform right before moving onto another and remember to be engaging, useful and relevant. Sharing helpful content from our sources is also a great way to keep your audience informed and interested.



Using Technology

The gap between technology use between younger and older generation has been shrinking and that will continue to do so.

Video calls are to stay so investing in a good platform for hosting online calls is cruical. Increasingly advisers are seeing the merit in recording client calls so they can review the interaction and potentially improve customer outcomes

Hosting webinars is a helpful way to reach out to your clients and potential clients. Covering a popular and relevant topic will help ensure it is useful for a range of clients. Recording it and then sharing gives you the control over who will see the content and allows your audience to watch it in their own time.


Adviser tools

These online tools are free to use and designed to enhance client engagement 

Life expectancy calculator

A useful tool t help find out your clients average life expectancy, so that you can help plan their future and retirement option.

Try calculator

The budget planner

This online tool looks at your income and outgoings to help your clients understand and manage their budget.

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Customer support

Find answers to commonly asked questions, helpful links, tools and contact details.

Customer support

CPD Reflection Statement

To obtain your CPD learning you will need to complete a reflection statement and save a copy as evidence of your CPD learning.

Download the CPD reflection statement.