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Spotlight on: Financially Mature and Stress Free

Andrew Tully

Andrew Tully

Technical Director, Canada Life

Although this group is set to decrease there are opportunities for advisers to consider. It’s time to rethink and review these clients and ask – are you offering all options when it comes to maximising and protecting their wealth long-term?

"As families become more complex and multigenerational, offering flexibility and better access to technology must be key considerations".

Changing Shape of Retirement report



Short-term shifts for long-term gain

The average person in the UK lives somewhere between 6 and 8 years longer than they did thirty years ago. However the age at which people aim to retire has not kept pace. This means that many people will need to fund a longer retirement or retire later. Many still underestimate the size of pot they will need.

For wealthy clients, the case for pension investment can often be made on tax relief alone but there are other opportunities to utilise investments as an essential part of a long-term wealth management strategy.

Watch our our CPD webinar from Neil Jones, Tax & Estate Planning Specialist as he discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using a pension for estate planning.

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