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Group Income Protection

Protect your business from long-term illness and injury

Our cover provides financial and rehabilitation support if an employee is unable to work because of a long-term illness or injury. We’ll pay you a percentage of their salary when they’re off sick, and we’ll help them return to work when they’re better.

Discover the benefits of Group Income Protection, including who we cover, what support you’ll receive and how to apply.

About Group Income Protection

Our insurance provides a replacement income if your employee is unable to work because of an illness or injury. Plus, we’ll help your employees return to work with our rehabilitation support.

As an employer, you can tailor this policy to your business needs. For example, you might choose to cover all permanent employees aged between 16 and 70.

Organisations we cover

We can cover a wide range of organisations, including:

  • Companies registered in the UK
  • Companies registered in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Branch offices of companies outside the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man, provided the branch is registered in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Equity partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Trade bodies, charities or any other legal entity

Employees we cover

We can cover most employees who work in the UK, including:

  • Permanent employees
  • Part-time employees
  • Directors
  • Zero-hour contract employees
  • Fixed-term contract employees
  • Temporary employees

Please get in touch if you want to cover employees that aren’t appear on this list.

Benefits we cover

Percentage of salary

We normally cover employees for a percentage of their salary. Most employers choose to cover their employees for 50% or 75% of their salary.

We’ll start paying this benefit after they’ve been unwell or injured for a set period of time, known as the ‘deferred period’. We can cover a range of deferred periods, from 13 to 52 weeks.

State benefits

We’ll deduct any state benefits an employee might be entitled to, such as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Where this is covered, the income protection benefit will be a percentage of the employee’s salary minus the state benefit.

Claim payment period

You can choose the length of time to pay a claim. This can be up until the maximum age the policy covers, or for a set period of time, such as two or five years.

Optional benefits

National Insurance contributions

We can cover an employer’s National Insurance contributions for the amount of benefit insured.

Pension scheme contributions

We can also cover both employee and employer pension contributions. The maximum we can cover is 35% of the employee’s salary, with a maximum contribution of 7.5% for the employee.

Example policies

Here are two different examples of policies the employer could choose: 

  Policy one Policy two
Eligibility All permanent employees Pension scheme members All other employees
Benefit 50% of salary 75% of salary 50% of salary
State benefit deduction ESA ESA Not selected
Claim payment period Five years To maximum age Two years
Deferred period 26 weeks 52 weeks 52 weeks
Pension scheme contributions Not selected 10% covered Not selected
National Insurance contributions Not selected Covered Covered


Choosing when cover starts

You can choose exactly who to cover and when their cover should start.


You’ll need to set minimum and maximum age limits. The minimum age we can cover is 16 and the maximum age is 70.

Entry date

This is the date your employees join the policy. It can either be the day the employee joins the company or at a set time throughout the year e.g. the first of every month.

Minimum service

You can add a minimum service requirement, so that you only cover employees after a set period of employment. This is normally linked to your probationary period.

What support services are included?


WeCare provides an extensive range of virtual services delivering holistic support to improve the medical, mental, legal and financial wellbeing of today’s employees. Available through a simple app, WeCare provides easy access to 24/7 GP consultations, mental health support, get fit programmes and much more.

Second Medical Opinion

If your employees or their immediate family are facing a health problem, we offer access to over 50,000 leading consultants worldwide on diagnoses and treatments for almost any condition.

Early Intervention Service

Employers receive day-one absence management support from our dedicated team if an employee is off sick.


The UK’s first health regulated, smart dental app. Designed by dentists and partnering with real dentists in the UK, Toothfairy provides instant access to advice, guidance and prescriptions, all from the comfort of home.


A mental wellbeing app designed to help employees overcome life’s challenges. Employees can learn from hundreds of evidence-based activities at their own pace, from guided meditation to improving sleep, helping them to make simple everyday changes to improve their mental wellbeing.


Employees can access 1000s of perks with discounts on everyday purchases, discounted cinema tickets, savings at their favourite restaurants, cashback and more.

These services are non-contractual benefits and can be altered or withdrawn at any time.

Getting a quote

To get a quote, we’ll need the following information:

  • Employer details
  • What benefits they want to include
  • When the cover will end based on an employee’s age
  • Cover details for individual employees (e.g. gender, date of birth, salary, occupation, work location, business travel)
  • We might need more information if another provider already covers the benefits

Please send your quote request to:

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