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Since 1975, Canada Life has worked with industry experts and tax specialists to develop a comprehensive range of onshore and offshore trusts, as well as packaged estate planning solutions. The quality of these is underpinned by the fact that we have won numerous major awards for our estate planning products.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, advice and support in this area. These skills have allowed us to develop unique product solutions that have stood the test of time. We also employ a dedicated ican Technical Services Team to support professional advisers across the UK.

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For one of the most important decisions you will ever make, Canada Life has the wisdom borne out of a lifetime of preparing for the unexpected. With a track record of delivering estate planning solutions for more than four decades and recognised within the industry as the leading provider of estate planning, we’ll work closely with your adviser to manage the effective transfer of wealth between generations.

CanInvest Select Account Discounted Gift Trust

The Discounted Gift Trust option under the Select Account allows your clients to invest a lump sum of money into a UK-based investment bond and to receive regular payments from the trust. It offers a clear simple charging structure.

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Delta Discounted Trust Account

This is a discounted gift trust with an Isle of Man international bond holding the underlying investment. It offers a clear and concise charging structure and access to a range of investment funds from Canada Life and our investment partners.

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Premiere Discounted Trust Account

This is a discounted gift trust with an Isle of Man open-architecture international bond holding the underlying investment. This offers the widest choice of investment options including funds, cash deposits, platforms and discretionary managers.

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Wealth Preservation Account

This trust allows investors to remove money and growth from their estate whilst giving the trustees flexibility over payments back to the investor. It offers full open-architecture with access to funds, platforms and discretionary managers.

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Wealth Preservation Europe Account

Similar to the Wealth Preservation Account, this solution is through a Dublin-based provider allowing the trustees to benefit from the favourable VAT treatment on discretionary management fees.

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Controlled Access Account

This account is designed specifically for a gift into trust for a grandchild when the donor wants the money to be used for the child’s benefit. The trustees control when benefits are paid, even passed the beneficiary’s 18th birthday.

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CanProtect Whole of Life

The CanProtect Whole of Life Plan provides cover for high net worth individuals who have a liability to UK inheritance tax, irrespective of their country of residence and domicile, so can be used for those people who are not UK domiciled or deemed domiciled but have UK assets.

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Flexible Life Plan

The Flexible Life Plan is a whole of life plan with a range of product options and different ways in which the cover can be structured, allowing it to be tailored to your client and the underlying investment element.

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The use of a suitable trust can remove money from a client’s estate after a period of seven years with the growth outside immediately, reducing the potential inheritance tax payable on their estate. Some even allow an immediate reduction.

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Premiere Europe Discounted Trust Account

Similar to the Premiere Account Discounted Trust Account, this uses an open-architecture international bond through an EU-provider based in Dublin, allowing favourable VAT treatment of discretionary management fees.

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Offshore Savings Account

Coupled with a trust this allows investors to save regular amounts, which could be outside their estate immediately, in an environment where they can grow free of UK income and capital gains tax with the trustees controlling who benefits and when.

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