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Forever home

Compound noun - More to your clients than just bricks and mortar.

More than just bricks and mortar.

For many people, a forever home is their dream property - a place with memories and emotional attachments. But in a changing world, people's needs are evolving.


That’s why we’ve explored the concept in more detail, discovering how recent events are shaping people’s ideas about their forever home. We’ll be sharing three chapters of research with you over the next few weeks, as well as resources and expert insight highlighting the opportunity for advisers.

Chapter 3: The forever family home

Our third chapter uncovers the emotional and personal attachments people have with their home. We explore the concept of a forever family home, as well as what it’s made up of. 


As homeowners continue to want to stay in their property, we look into the measures they are taking to allow them to do this.

Their home means everything to them; it’s where their family grew up and where special events have taken place. Yes, it’s just bricks and mortar to some, but to them it’s their world.

Amanda Parsons AAP Financial Solutions Ltd.
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The forever family home

Explore what makes a forever family home and the measures people are taking to stay in them.

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Chapter 2: Adviser challenges

Our second chapter investigates some of the barriers advisers face when talking to clients about equity release. Despite the products evolving over recent years, homeowners and their families still have misconceptions.


As consumer needs continue to change we explore how property wealth could be a potential solution, allowing those in or approaching retirement to stay in their forever home.

The industry is still working to demonstrate the evolution of the products and advice process over the last decade as well as the rise in popularity of the products.

Simon Chalk Laterlivingnow!
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Adviser challenges

Explore the barriers that advisers still face when talking to their clients about equity release.

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Chapter 1: Empty nest dreams

Our first chapter considers the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on families, and how living situations and spending habits have changed as a result.  



As the knock-on effects start to be seen, we explore the financial implications and parental sacrifices that have been made, and consider how accessing property wealth could offer a potential solution.

The Bank of Mum and Dad has been hit hard this year. We could be feeling the effects of this for months - or even years - yet, so it’s important that parents consider the impact this will have on their retirement income.

Alice Watson Head of Marketing, Insurance
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Empty nest dreams

Discover how the coronavirus pandemic has affected family dynamics and changed people’s living arrangements.

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CPD qualifying webinar: The forever home

Join Les Pick, head of sales, Home Finance, as he explores the concept of the forever home and the opportunities it presents to advisers.

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Home finance

Explore our home finance products and discover how we can support you and your clients.

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Adviser guide

Download our adviser guide and explore all three chapters of forever home.