WeCare now available to all Group Income Protection customers

Following the successful launch to our CLASS customers last year, we’re excited to announce that WeCare is now available for all our Group Income Protection customers. This means over 450,000 employees and their families now have access to our extensive range of health and wellbeing services, provided by Teladoc Health.

Through their phone, tablet or desktop, employees and their immediate family gain confidential access to thousands of experts, all from the comfort of home, including:

  • 24/7 access to a UK-based GP through a video or phone call
  • Private prescriptions delivered to employees’ front doors
  • Expert second opinions on almost any condition or diagnosis
  • Up to 10 mental health counselling sessions with qualified mental health practitioners including psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Burnout prevention support
  • Life events counselling
  • Personalised diet and nutrition support with qualified nutritionists
  • Dedicated support to quit smoking
  • Legal and financial guidance on a wide range of issues

We’ve recognised that the way people access health and wellbeing services has been evolving for some time and this trend has been accelerated by the pandemic. People increasingly want simple, quick access to health and wellbeing services that make a difference, with a focus on quality not quantity.

By providing access to UK-based GPs, psychologists and nutritionists, all delivered through an easy-to-use app and portal, we believe WeCare delivers a modern solution that meets the needs of today’s changing UK workforce. We’re proud that 11,000 UK employers can now look after their people, and their families, with WeCare.

How do employees access WeCare?

To access WeCare, employees will need to register using their company’s unique access code. This access code is their employer’s Canada Life scheme number, which can be found on their policy particulars. It should be a letter followed by a series of numbers. For example, Z12345.

Employees can also call 0208 068 0035 to access the WeCare services by phone.

To make it easy, employers can add their access code to our employee flyer. Simply enter the scheme code on page three and save the PDF. Once the code is saved, it can be shared with employees using our email template.

We’ve updated our website with the latest resources including a new video and comprehensive guide for employees. Visit our WeCare page to find out more.

What else has changed?

The following changes have also taken place from 1 March 2021:

  • WeCare has been enhanced with legal and financial guidance, information and support, available to all new and existing WeCare users. This new support provides access to specialist guidance on a range of issues, from budgeting and financial education, to property law and consumer disputes.
  • Our Bereavement Counselling and Probate Helpline services are now provided by our partner Teladoc Health, provider of WeCare. There’s no change to the access details or service features.
  • WeCare has replaced our EAP on all Group Income Protection policies. All existing telephone numbers and webpages have been redirected to WeCare.
  • Employers who have onboarded for perks will notice some changes to the LifeWorks dashboard, which no longer includes a newsfeed or wellbeing section. Discounts have been increased and are now available through the app and online.

Key documents

Share the news with our latest templates and documents:


WeCare notification email template (employer-to-employee)


WeCare employer guide

WeCare employee guide

WeCare employee flyer

Group Income Protection support services guide

Find out more

Visit our WeCare page to learn more about the services available. We’ll be sharing more information about WeCare throughout the year, so keep an eye out for upcoming emails and webinars.

If you want to discuss how WeCare can help your clients or organisation, please contact your account manager or call our team on 0345 223 8000.