Men's health: We need to talk

This Movember, we’re shining a light on men’s health to raise awareness and encourage men to talk.

On-demand | 45 mins

Health can be a difficult conversation for men. While every man is different, it’s a sad fact that men are more likely to be in poor health and die earlier than women - often for largely preventable reasons.

When it comes to physical health, men are less likely to seek healthcare than women and are more likely to ignore health issues. And when it comes to mental health, men are far less likely to talk about their feelings, or even recognise poor mental health in the first place.

With around 10.8 million men across the world facing a prostate cancer diagnosis , and three times as many men dying by suicide compared to women, there’s an urgent need to talk about men’s health.

This Movember, we’re shining a light on men’s health to raise awareness and encourage men to talk.

Join our live webinar to learn:

  • The state of men’s health in the UK
  • The key physical conditions affecting men, including prostate cancer and low testosterone
  • Key facts around men’s mental health and how to seek help
  • How employers and line managers can support their people

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Men's health: We need to talk

Your speakers

This webinar is hosted by our experienced in-house rehabilitation team. Our host Andrew Marchant, Rehabilitation and Claims Manager, will be joined by John Kendall and Collis Tideswell.

John Kendall | Registered Nurse and Senior Rehabilitation Consultant

John worked for the NHS as a registered nurse specialising in neurological medicine before joining Canada Life as Senior Rehabilitation Consultant over seven years ago. He remains a registered nurse and now uses his experience to support employee wellbeing, with a particular focus on employee mental health. John delivers Mental Health First Aid training to Canada Life customers and has a passion for driving mental health awareness.

Collis Tideswell | Registered Nurse and Rehabilitation Consultant

Collis has worked as a Canada Life Rehabilitation Consultant and registered general nurse for 14 years. He holds a degree in Specialist Practice Public Health with a specialisation in Occupational Health. Before joining Canada Life, Collis worked clinically in accident and emergency, medical high dependency and medical emergency medicine.