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What you cannot do

To ensure the user experience works for you, below states what you cannot do with the dashboard: 

The Retirement Account is also capable of providing a solution for other situations beyond those covered above where we can accept funds but where you will need to contact us directly in order to obtain a quote. These include:

  • Multi-arrangements– if your client wishes to transfer more than one existing Pension Drawdown arrangement, or a mixture of uncrystallised Pension Savings and crystallised Pension Drawdown arrangements, then each has to be set up as a separate arrangement in The Retirement Account. We can facilitate this but it requires us to provide the quotes.
  • Large cases above LTA– if your client has breached or would breach the lifetime allowance.
  • Annuity Quote over £500k– annuity quotes are available via the Dashboard but if the purchase amount is over £500k please contact us in order to guarantee the quote.
  • Disqualifying Pension Credit– if your client has a pension credit transfer from previously crystallised funds (i.e. from a divorce settlement) and so no tax-free cash is available.
  • Age 50-55 crystallised funds– if your client is aged between 50 and 55 and wishes to transfer an existing Pension Drawdown arrangement or crystallise a Pension Savings transfer where permitted by HMRC rules we may be able to arrange a quote.

When we are unable to supply a quote

There are also some situations where we will be unable to supply a quote:

  • Partial and/or regular crystallisations with one-off contributions– if your client wants a quote that includes a single contribution then you will be unable to quote for a partial or regular crystallisation; these could still be arranged by us with an initial contribution followed by crystallisation after the policy has commenced or vice versa. Please contact us for the best way to do this.
  • Under 50 crystallised funds– if your client is under 50 we will be unable to accept any Pension Drawdown transfers or crystallise a Pension Savings transfer or contribution.

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