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The Retirement Account Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard

As part of our service, clients can now access The Retirement Account customer dashboard. The dashboard gives them the ability to view their account valuation, fund choices, payments in and out and important documents relating to your account.

What should they do first to enable them to register for The Retirement Account customer dashboard?

If you have already provided us with the client's email address, they will be able to register for this service. Please see instructions on how to do this below.

If you have not provided us with the client's email address, either you or your client will need to provide this by contacting our Customer Services team on 0800 032 7689.

What they will need to access the customer dashboard

Once we have a valid email address, your client will be able to register. To login for the first time, they will need:

  • Web browser (this can be a browser on a mobile phone, tablet or PC, eg Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • Internet access
  • Retirement Account number
  • Their date of birth
  • Their postcode
  • The email used to apply for their Retirement Account, or the one they have registered with us currently.
  • Password of their choice (Password must be 12 characters, contain upper case, lower case, number and special characters).

How to register for the customer dashboard

In order to access the dashboard, clients should follow the below steps:

  • Type the following into their browser 
  • Select the ‘Register for online Retirement Account access’ link
  • Complete the customer registration form using the information required
  • Once the registration form is completed, click ‘submit’
  • They will then receive an activation email, with a link to complete account set up and navigate to the Retirement Account customer dashboard page.

If your client encounters any issue setting up their account or they have any queries relating to the dashboard, they can contact us by telephoning 0345 877 9000 or emailing