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The Retirement Account Dashboard


Our Model Portfolio Manager tool allows you to:

  • Create model portfolios and place clients into them
  • Select from your list of model portfolios and place a client into one* model portfolio at any stage, including
  • quote and application
  • Create, amend and close models
  • Change the model portfolio which automatically updates the customers’ investment strategy (regular premiums will be invested in line with the updated model). Current investments won’t change in line with the new model portfolio until either an ad-hoc or auto rebalance is instigated
  • Models can be created by a network, firm or an individual adviser
  • Advisers can assign multiple clients to a model in one go, or change a model that multiple clients are assigned to
  • Models will be shown in illustrations and annual statements
  • Perform an ad-hoc rebalance to a model, which will impact all clients invested in it
  • Regular auto rebalance cannot be set at model level, only individual client level

* You can only set one investment strategy for a client across all of their Pension Drawdown accounts (i.e. one model portfolio, or a series of funds with a strategic allocation). A different investment strategy can be set up for Pension Savings.

Model Portfolio user access:

User  Model created by Network Model Created by Firm Model created by Adviser
Adviser Firm View only Update N/A
Financial Adviser  View only View only Update 
Paraplanner View only  View only Update 

Functionality available to user types:

User  Create & update models  Move clients between models Add/remove clients from a model
Adviser Firm Yes Yes No
Financial Adviser  Yes Yes* Yes
Paraplanner Yes Yes  Yes 


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