Canada Life launches Financial Wellbeing film with the PFS

The Personal Finance Society and ITN Productions Industry News have co-produced an online news-style programme Financial Wellbeing. Canada Life took part in this series, creating the following short film which sets out the changes facing advisers over the next 15 years and the new customer journeys that are emerging.


Watch the short film here


Andrew Tully, Technical Director at Canada Life comments on the launch of the film:

“The number of over 60s is expected to grow by a third, to more than 20m people in 15 years’ time presenting huge market growth and a significant opportunity for financial advisers. That’s why we at Canada Life wanted to explore the different retirement journeys people follow, understand how people spend their time and money, and how that may change. Two groups in particular are set to grow significantly by 2035, we’ve called them ‘Complex families, complex finances’ and ‘Late financial bloomers’. Financial advisers should understand how their client bank is currently made up and how this is likely to change over time as these newer customer cohorts will have distinct needs and aspirations for their finances. Bringing together client planning, wealth accumulation and protection, Canada Life want to help advisers enable these people to have better financial futures.”


Find out more about the PFS Financial Wellbeing campaign here: