Life Insurance plus Critical Illness

critical illness

Life Insurance plus Critical Illness cover

If you include Critical Illness cover with your Life Insurance, you get all the benefits of our Life Insurance cover, plus we will make a payment if you are diagnosed with a specific critical illness while the plan is in place.

  • You will be protected for 41 critical illnesses for your full amount of cover. We will also include 19 additional illnesses for a lower amount of cover.
  • Your children will be automatically covered from 30 days old up to the age of 18, or 22 if in full time education.
  • They will also be covered for six child specific illnesses from birth.

If we make a full claim payment, your plan ends. If you claim for an additional critical illness, your plan will continue in case you need to make more claims.

Life Insurance plus Critical Illness cover is also available as a Level Term, an Increasing Term or a Decreasing Term plan, to help you can choose the plan(s) that best meets your protection needs.

Ways in which the money could be used

Ways in which the money could be used

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